Vintage flagstones… traditional style decorative flags

Our Vintage Flagstones are ideal for creating that period character which is in keeping with older properties. Produced in a natural stone grey, they are suitable for any domestic application from paths or patios to driveways.

Available in a variety of sizes, as detailed below, these authentic style flagstones can be laid out in a surprising number of different traditional designs – the most common layouts are shown right and opposite for your convenience.

With all our outdoor concrete products, we use a high cement content, tough enough to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions*. The stone grey finish of these high quality flagstones has minor variations which help create their natural appearance.

24in x 24in 24in x 12in 24in x 24in
12in x 12in 24in x 18in 18in x 18in
*NB. The use of rock salt can seriously affect the surface finish of these products.
18in x 12in 36in x 24in


2 no. 24in x 12in = 4ft2

4ft2 (0.37m2)

12in x 12in around perimeter to suit

The gap between products may vary from 3/8 inch to 1½ inch and in our opinion look better grouted with mortar coloured with black pigment and left approximately 3/8 inch lower than the surface of the slabs. Vintage slabs are typically 15/8 inch thick

While every effort is made to ensure that the colours of our products do not vary, complete colour consistency cannot be guaranteed.

no.per pallet
36in x 24in 57• 17 22
30in x 24in 47• 21 22
24in x 24in 37• 27 22
24in x 18in 27• 37 22
18in x 18in 21• 48 22
24in x 12in 17 58 22
18in x 12in 13 77 22
12in x 12in 8 125 44

The range of slabs average unit weight is 9kg/ft2 or 98kg/m2 which equates to an area of 110ft2 per tonne or 10.2m2 per tonne.

• Slabs in excess of 20kg – please use with caution after assessing the risks.


1 no. 24in x 24in = 4ft2
1 no. 24in x 18in = 3ft2
1 no. 18in x 18in = 2.25ft2
1 no. 18in x 12in = 1.5ft2
2 no. 24in x 12in = 4ft2
1 no. 24in x 12in = 1ft2

15.75ft2 (1.46m2)


2 no. 36in x 24in = 12ft2
2 no. 30in x 24in = 10ft2
2 no. 24in x 12in = 4ft2
1 no. 18in x 12in = 1.5ft2

27.5ft2 (2.5m2)


1 no. 24in x 24in = 4ft2
1 no. 24in x 12in = 2ft2
1 no. 12in x 12in = 1ft2

7ft2 (0.65m2)

12in x 12in & 24in x 12in around perimeter to suit


2 no. 24in x 24in = 8ft2

8ft2 (0.74m2)

24in x 12in around perimeter to suit


1 no. 24in x 24in = 4ft2
2 no. 12in x 12in = 1ft2

5ft2 (0.46m2)

12in x 12in & 24in x 12in around perimeter to suit

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