On-site instructions for
pre-cast T beams
(concrete joists)


The contractor shall provide suitable access to the site for the vehicle, size as advised by ourselves, and provide an appropriate stacking area.

The driver will satisfy himself before entering the site that it is safe to do so and that the off-loading area is suitable. The driver will not remove any ropes or straps until the vehicle is stationary in the designated stacking area.


The ground should be firm and level and wherever possible, stacking should be on compacted hardcore or concrete. They should be stacked with bearers 150mm – 250mm from each end and in line with each other as vertically as possible, to a maximum of chest height.

Similar length T-beams should be stacked together.

All T-beams should be stacked as near as possible to their final fixed positions to avoid damage or other hazards.

T-beams should be inspected and any damage reported immediately.

Maximum height to chest height

Ground condition will
influence height of stack
Bearers larger
at base


The driver can only unload to the side of his lorry, and cannot put the T-beams into place.

We allow 45 minutes delivery time on-site, with additional time being charged per hour or part thereof.

The driver must have assistance on-site.

If the delivery is likely to exceed 45 minutes, please inform us beforehand so arrangements can be made.

On-site handling

All T-beams should be lowered gently into place avoiding any sudden impacts, which may cause damage.

Moving on-site should be one layer at a time, driven with caution over rough or uneven ground being careful not to bounce the T-beams. The mass per linear metre for Stowell type C, T-beams is 34kg.

Where infill blocks are being temporarily stacked on the floor, they should be on pallets, on sheet plywood or similar material. They must not be placed at midspan but as near to the bearing wall as possible and must not exceed the design load of the floor – maximum of half a pack per pallet approx 800kg, for example…

44 x 100mm 7.3N/mm² dense blocks
44 x RD 440 blocks
44 x RD 215 blocks

Whilst the T-beams can support a greater load, the quality of the product could be adversely affected.


Please see Precast Flooring Federation code of practice for –


as a guide where applicable… www.precastfloors.info

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